Ayyan (born 30 July 1993) in Dubai … known simply as Ayyan, is a model, producer, writer and singer. Ayyan is known simply as Ayyan. Her brand is based on one word that translates as ‘god’s gift’, the revered nature of which she takes very seriously. Ayyan was a conscientious student and was devoted to her passion: science, when she was spotted at the age of 15 by a corporate company who recognised her potential as a model. Headstrong, focused and fearless; international supermodel Ayyan is currently the most wanted Asian model in the world. Her beauty, unique looks and professional attitude have landed her over 400 cover shoots, 1500 print campaigns and 35 commercials. Demand for her is constant, so it’s no surprise to hear she has also fronted campaigns in 25 different countries, walked the ramp at several major fashion shows as a showstopper, and is the Brand Ambassador for influential global brands including Sunsilk, Samsung, Honda, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Calvin Klein and Magnum,Toyota and so many that we can’t count !! She has accomplished what many girls spend their lifetime dreaming to achieve; and she is still only 20 years old. Hungry for challenges and always keen to try new things, Ayyan took a leap of faith and was cast in a major billboard campaign, transforming her into a household name. Today Ayyan is one of the busiest working models in the world, with a diary that is filled back-to-back with international photoshoots and campaigns. Ayyan A contemporary role model for many aspiring young women, Ayyan’s fresh features and charming personality have led her to win and be nominated for countless awards. Photogenic, with the flexibility to adapt to catwalk and television; she is a fashion icon for women from all over the world. Yet these incredible successes are still just the beginning of her journey to becoming one of the most loved and respected supermodels in history. In addition to her modelling career, Ayyan has embarked on another venture, based on her musical talent. Ayyan debuted with the single “You and I“, combining pop music with exotic (oriental, balkanic) influences. Ayyan is the executive producer of her debut album .The artist managed the performance of having composed the lyrics for her own single as well. “You and I” is the first single from her upcoming album, entitled “NOTHING LIKE EVERYTHING” Ayyan’s exotic presence turned the track into an alluring and eclectic one. The song was a success, reaching number 8 on the first week on the number 1 Radio in Bali, Menara FM, on Hot 20 Charts and number 4 on Radio 1 Greece Top 10 Romanian Chart and got played in Germany , Russia , Greece , Romania and Dubai etc ! Her single’s release was accompanied by the fun video made in europe … The video enjoyed a popularity that brought it into the Top videos watched worldwide according to IMVDB, in only 5 days from its release, being placed on the 20th spot. Her second track “Making Dollars” was No.1 Worldwide on Souncloud with a total plays over 1,500,000+ plays in first 10 days and entered charts in Greece And was playing worldwide … The videos for “Making Dollars” was shot in Greece and The video enjoyed a popularity that brought it into the Top videos watched worldwide according to IMVDB, in only 5 days from its release, being placed on the 8th spot with a total views of 1,600,000+ views Her third track "Earthquake" was also No.1 Worldwide on Souncloud, That crossed 4,500,000+ plays on soundcloud in only 15 days. The Lyric Video is also released and it crossed 2,2000,000+ views on Youtube. and the audio Video crossed 6,700,000+ on Youtube And the other’s on the way !!